Jeff Lau

Ultramarathon Runner Jeff Lau

560 km Arctic Run
Canada Yukon

250 km Marathon des Sables
Morocco Sahara Desert

Morning run training

Jeff Lau, had been to places with extreme weather condition for ultramarathon,
An ordinary person with extraordinary achievement.

I have started Mitoceps recently. Mitoceps boost up my energy level and assist on my muscle recover much faster. When I have a heavy training session on that day, it is important that I can recover faster, so that I can still continue to be active and alert for the whole day. As I am doing my art designing business, therefore concentration and alertness is important for my work.   Moreover, I need a fast recover, to be ready for my next day training session.

Mitoceps improve my stamina, endurance, improve my blood circulation and alertness. As an ultramarathon runner, we needs a lots of stamina and endurance to complete our race and to improve our personal best time.

The good thing about this product, it is caffeine free. It contain natural berries and cordyceps extract. It goes easy to my body as it does not create stomach discomfort, irregular heartbeat, dizziness and no withdrawal symptom.

The energy stays longer in my body during my endurance run, which is important for ultramarathon runner like me.

I would recommend Mitoceps to all runners, whether you are a regular runner, marathon or ultramarathon runners, as it increase your performance and has a lasting effect.


Youngest Malaysian that went through the 3 world toughest footraces within 14 months:
  1. 2 times 250 km Marathon des Sables, Morocco Sahara Desert in 2017 & 2018
  2. 560 km The 6633 Arctic Run, Canada Yukon in 20xx
  3. 230 km Amazon Rainforest, PeruTop20 in 2017
  4. 230 km Sweden Ice Ultra Top14
  5. 2016 & 2017 Ironman Langkawi, Malaysia
  6. Red ribbon Youth Ribbon Icon – Appointed by Ministry of Health

Jeff Lau background and his life mission:

He is a full time Ultramarathon runner and a part time illustrator. He has started running since 2013.

His run with a cause, contributing to the AIDS foundation. He would like to continue to contribute to the society.

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