Lim Siaw Hua

Ultrarunner Lim Siaw Hua

Winner in Bukit Kiara Ultra Marathon challenge 2018

Lim Siaw Hua, a high achiever in Ultramarathon
Her Achievement is Astonishing


I had started Mitoceps 3 months ago. Mitoceps provide me a faster recovery and energy boost. I take it before my daily morning run. Besides giving me the extra energy boost, it also helps me to recover faster after the training. It sustain my energy level throughout my working hours and keep me ready for the next day training session.

I do consume the Mitoceps as an energy drink as well during my heavy training session, as I need to endure through my rigorous exercise, therefore, I need the energy to go further and recover faster. 

I tried many others energy booster as well as supplement before this, but it did not suits me and sometimes I had stomach upsets.  Mitoceps goes well with me, especially with a warm cup of water before my early morning training.

I highly recommend to those people in ultramarathon to take Mitoceps, as the Cordyceps inside the Mitoceps has the benefit me to improve my stamina, endurance, improve my blood circulation and alertness.

Achievement in 2019

During the Year 2017 was my best performance of the year, I completed Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie, “TDS” @ UTMB 120KM with the elevation gained of 7200m D+, it is the most toughest among the 3 races in UTMB (UTMB, CCC and TDS) without any problem.
I had a setback in 2018 as I suffered minor health problem but I made a comeback in 2019. I completed my dream race, Marathon Des Sables in April 2019, a 250KM self-support multi-days ultramarathon crossing the Sahara Desert, Morocco on foot.
In second half of 2019, there are 2 big events which I target for, Tot Dret, Italy in September, a trail event of 130KM with 12,000m of ascent starting from Gressoney and ending in Courmayeur and Al Marmoom Ultramarathon, Dubai in December, a 300KM, world longest desert run.



  • 9th Place Route 68 50KM
  • 1st Bukit Kiara Ultra Challenge 12Hours


  • Finisher Twincity Marathon
  • Finisher 24Hours
  • 3rd Place Ultra Trail Kok Cheng 100KM, Thailand
  • Finisher Sungai Menyal Trail 50KM
  • 1st Place Route 68 100Miles
  • 5th Place Tailwind Penang Eco 100KM
  • Finisher Al Andalus Ultimate Trail 230KM
  • 2nd Place Camera Ultra Trail 100KM
  • 2nd Ultra Trail Chiang Rai 66KM, Thailand


  • Finisher Twincity Marathon
  • Finisher Watergate 16Hours, Putrajaya
  • 1st Place Pink50, Putrajaya
  • Finisher Tarawera Ultra Marathon 100KM, New Zealand
  • Finisher The Magnificent Merapoh Trail 100KM
  • 5th Place Cameron Ultra Trail 100KM
  • Finisher UTMB @TDS 118KM
  • 3rd Place 9th International Hash Challenge, 42KM
  • Finisher Standard Charter Kuala Lumpur Marathon
  • 4th Place Ultra Trail Marathon Challenge Semenyih


  • Finisher Tokyo Marathon, Japan
  • 6th Titi 50KM
  • Finisher Nuang Ultra Challenge 12Hours
  • Finisher Back To Endurance
  • Finisher Paris Marathon, France
  • 2nd Place Park Marathon Bukit Jalil
  • Finisher Nagoya Women Marathon, Japan
  • Finisher Standard Charter Kuala Lumpur Marathon
  • Finisher The Most Beautiful Things Ultra Trail 50KM
  • Finisher Vietnam Mountain Marathon 70KM, Vietnam
  • 1st Place Putrajaya 100Miles

About Lim Siaw Hua

She is a `Citizen Runner', a working adult who needs to work full time and have to juggle between work, training and recover. A full time Quantity Surveyor by profession.
When I am not running, I am an avid yoga practitioner that masters many challenging poses.

Her life goals as follows:

  • To complete the Tor Des Geant.330KM, Italy & Jungle Marathon 250KM, Peru
  • To continue my studies on Sport Nutrition and Sport Injury.
  • To help to bring awareness on healthy life style thru sport especially young generation

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